Watch the Trailers for Two New Boston Shows: Buzzy’s and The McCarthys

As upfronts come to a close, it's time to get excited for new TV—and make snap judgments about all the shows headed our way.

buzzys mccarthys

Left: Joey McIntyre in The McCarthys. Right: Ashley Tisdale in Buzzy’s.

Upfronts week is stressful. Technically, upfronts are when TV network execs present their forthcoming lineups at the beginning of the ever-important ad sales season. Unofficially, it’s when we are bombarded by the trailers for new shows headed our way.

This week, CBS and TBS released the trailers for two new shows set in Boston, The McCarthys and Buzzy’s.


Premise: A group of people who all went to high school together, but ran in different crowds, now work together at a barbershop in Charlestown. Slated to premiere in 2015.

Cast highlights: High School Musical alumna Ashley Tisdale stars in what will probably not be her big comeback. Her character’s name is “Danni,” which is equally annoying, but not nearly as fabulous, as “Sharpay.” Buzzy is played by George Wendt, a.k.a. Norm from Cheers.

Memorable line from the trailer: “I don’t know what kind of beer your mom was drinking when she was pregnant with you, but you Doyle sisters look more beautiful every time I see you.” “Ooh! It was Sam Adams.”

Snap judgment: Yawwwn. This show might find an audience at TBS, but unfortunately for producers Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, the sell line “From the producers of Will & Grace” is getting stale.

Silver lining: It will be only too easy for us to assess the quality of Boston accents since everyone works at a “bahbuhshop.”

Watch the trailer for Buzzy’s above, then tell us:

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The McCarthys

Premise: A sports-crazed Irish-Catholic family live on the same street and spend their days together at Mom and Dad’s three-decker in Southie. The main character Ronny, a gay brother among four siblings, considers moving out on his own to—drumroll, please—Providence, Rhode Island. Premieres this fall.

Cast highlights: New Kids on the Block’s Joey McIntyre plays one of Ronny’s brothers, Gerard (pronounced “Gerahd,” obviously), who is basically a toned down version of his character in The Heat. Jack McGee, who played Mickey’s father in The Fighter, plays the dad of the family.

Memorable line from the trailer: “It’s a great job in a fun new city with a vibrant gay community.” “Aren’t all gay communities vibrant?” ← Spoken with jazz hands.

Snap judgment: So. Many. Southie. Stereotypes. And gay stereotypes. And family sitcom stereotypes. The problem with The McCarthys is that the show provokes zero empathy. Ronny’s “conflict” is that his family loves him too darn much. Boo-freakin’-hoo!

Silver lining: If Blockheads can manage to keep the show going, maybe we’ll see a cameo from other New Kids on the Block members? Maybe Donnie Wahlberg? Blue Bloods is also on CBS, you know…

Watch the trailer for The McCarthys above, then tell us:

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