Julian Edelman Challenges Gronk to an Inception-Style T-Shirt Contest [UPDATED]

And Gronk fires back.

UPDATE, 4:05 p.m.: Looks like Rob Gronkowski is in. Repeat: Gronk is in. (And wearing a shirt, albeit one without sleeves.)



Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman was spotted Monday wearing a T-shirt with a photo of Rob Gronkowski in his natural state (shirtless). While this is a fun fashion choice even without context, it is also more exciting than you might realize, for it was both an homage and a challenge.

You see, elsewhere in the land of celebrities with lots of time on their hands, actor Ryan Gosling and pizza expert Macaulay Culkin have engaged in a battle that began when Gosling wore a T-shirt with photo of Culkin in his early years. Culkin then wore a T-shirt of Gosling wearing said T-shirt. Gosling responded by wearing a T-shirt of Culkin wearing said T-shirt of Gosling wearing said T-shirt. Culkin then…well, you get the point. As this GIF shows, the game has the potential to continue for a long time, and we hope it does.


Via Reddit

Edelman tweeted a photo of himself wearing the Gronk shirt with the hashtag #goslingtyme, so his intention here seems clear. We hope Gronk takes the bait and engages in the Inception-style T-shirt battle. It wouldn’t be very original, given Gosling and Culkin kind of own this move, but it would be funny to see the thing become a meme among celebrities. And for that, we need at least a second pair of celebrities to adopt it. So let this be a fervent request to Rob Gronkowski, whom we ask to please, please get to work designing a T-shirt that—

—actually, nah, you know what? It’s hopeless. Rob Gronkowski will never wear a shirt in public long enough to be caught by an open camera shutter. Edelman’s better off wearing a T-shirt of the Loch Ness Monster and hoping Nessie gets photographed responding in kind. It was a good try, Edelman. But no way.