Summer Events at the Boston Harbor Hotel

Get ready for three nights of free music and one free movie screening every week, all summer long.

boston harbor hotel

The ‘Summer in the City’ entertainment series returns to the Boston Harbor Hotel. / Photograph by Greg DuBois

The Boston Harbor Hotel’s popular “Summer in the City” entertainment series is gearing up for 2014. The series has been bringing the public free music and movies for 17 years, and this year promises to be equally as, if not more entertaining than, the last.

Each week throughout the series, the BHH will host four nights of entertainment, three evenings of live music Tuesdays through Thursdays, and one movie night on Fridays.

“[That] seems to be the best fit for our audience,” says BHH general manager Stephen Johnston. “We work with an entertainment company to source the best bands, and it’s a relatively easy process…they start booking at the beginning of the year.”

Picking movies to show on a big screen on Friday nights is a bit trickier, though, Johnston says. Not only do the films need to fit a certain set of criteria—”they have to be family-friendly, they need to be a certain length—we have to finish by 10 p.m.”—but also the Harbor Hotel needs permission from the studios to show the films at all.

The end result: 12 weeks of entertainment from June through August. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, guests enjoy live music in the categories of Summer Soul, Rat Pack, and Blues Barge, respectively. And on Fridays, audiences can watch a variety of classic movies from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to West Side Story.

Here’s the 2014 lineup for the Boston Harbor Hotel’s “Summer in the City” entertainment series:

Thursday, June 12: Jeff Pitchell
Friday, June 13: Willy Wonka at the Chocolate Factory [MOVIE]

Tuesday, June 17: Soul Sound Revue
Wednesday, June 18: John Stevens Band
Thursday, June 19: Greg Burroughs
Friday, June 20: Casablanca [MOVIE]

Tuesday, June 24: World Premiere Band
Wednesday, June 25: Alex MacDougall Band
Thursday, June 26: Racky Thomas
Friday, June 27: The Postman Always Rings Twice [MOVIE]

Tuesday, July 1: Ray Greene and Innervisions
Wednesday, July 2Steve Memmolo Band
Thursday, July 3: James Montgomery
Friday, July 4: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington [MOVIE]

Tuesday, July 8: Sweet Tooth and the Sugar Babies
Wednesday, July 9: Mike Dutra Strictly Sinatra Band
Thursday, July 10: Toni Lynn Washington
Friday, July 11: Wizard of Oz [MOVIE]

Tuesday, July 15: Pulse of Boston
Wednesday, July 16: Chris Jason Band
Thursday, July 17: Bruce Marshall
Friday, July 18: Citizen Kane [MOVIE]

Tuesday, July 22: Soul City
Wednesday, July 23: John Stevens Band
Thursday, July 24: Greg Burroughs
Friday, July 25: Swiss Family Robinson [MOVIE]

Tuesday, July 29: Soul Sound Revue
Wednesday, July 30: Justin Beech Band
Thursday, July 31: Racky Thomas
Friday, August 1: Vertigo [MOVIE]

Tuesday, August 5: World Premier Band
Wednesday, August 6: Alex MacDougall Band
Thursday, August 7: Toni Lynn Washington
Friday, August 8: A Streetcar Named Desire [MOVIE]

Tuesday, August 12: Good Will and Them Apples
Wednesday, August 13Steve Memmolo Band
Thursday, August 14: James Montgomery
Friday, August 15: Cool Hand Luke [MOVIE]

Tuesday, August 19: Pulse of Boston
Wednesday, August 20Mike Dutra Strictly Sinatra Band
Thursday, August 21: Bruce Marshall
Friday, August 22: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre [MOVIE]

Tuesday, August 26: Young Love and the Thrills
Wednesday, August 27: John Stevens Band
Thursday, August 28: Jeff Pitchell
Friday, August 29: West Side Story [MOVIE]


Boston Harbor Hotel, 70 Rowes Wharf, Boston, 617-856-7744,

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