Gisele Bundchen Might Hand Out the FIFA World Cup Trophy

It would be so weird for Tom Brady.

As the World Cup kicks in (get it?), news is circling that Mrs. Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, was tapped by FIFA to hand out the trophy to the World Cup winners when the tournament closes on July 13 in Brazil.

The Brazilian model was supposedly asked to handle the prize because the host country’s president, Dilma Rousseff, is not exactly the most popular lady in Brazil at the moment. Gisele is way more vogue anyway.

We could talk about the obvious role of Gisele as a decoy for all the behind-the-scenes politics happening in Brazil (Rousseff allegedly spent $11 billion on the World Cup “at a time when tens of millions of Brazilians are poor,” per the Globe).

But another interesting take here is exactly what Tom Brady’s role is going to be. Unfortunately for Brazil, Gisele and Tom go hand-in-hand, and the Globe also claims that he’ll be joining Bundchen for the trip.

Although it’s unclear whether Brady will actually present the trophy alongside his supermodel wife, his attendance is undoubtedly going to be kind of weird.

Yes, Tom and Gisele as a couple are enviable with their long legs and chiseled cheekbones, and yes, Gisele is the right kind of high-fashion company to present the handcrafted Louis Vuitton World Cup trophy case. But Brady himself is just about as mod as his outfit at the Met Ball was not.

Moreover, let’s talk about how annoying it would be if Tom Brady was at Bundchen’s side handling the trophy. He’s an American football player. American football, in its very name, more or less represents America’s lack of embracing fútbol. Football is the antithesis of soccer, and Tom Brady—the California-bred, terribly dancing, kind of geeky, not-so fashionable Tom Brady—might actually be the antithesis of Brazilian in general.

He may be married to the most famous Brazilian in the world, but nothing could be further from the World Cup than Tom Brady and his Uggs.