Southwest Sweepstakes Offers Fans a Ride on the NKOTB Party Plane

Winners will be flown to Las Vegas for an unforgettable New Kids on the Block experience.

The New Kids on the Block already own the sea, and now they’re taking to the skies, with a little help from Southwest Airlines. A sweepstakes for the NKOTB Party Plane, which opened today and will run through Sunday, June 29, offers winners and one guest an unforgettable New Kids experience comprising the following:

• A flight to Chicago if you don’t already live nearby and a one-night hotel stay in Chicago.
• A flight to Las Vegas on the “Official Southwest NKOTB Party Plane” with the New Kids on the Block. (Swoon!)
• A two-night hotel stay at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.
• Two concert tickets to the opening night of “After Dark,” the New Kids’ show at the Axis at Planet Hollywood.
• A flight home from Las Vegas.

Free flights, free hotel stays, free concert tickets, and the chance to be trapped high in the sky with Donnie, Danny, Jordan, Jonathan, and Joey? This really is a Blockhead’s fantasy deal. (Step aside, Matt and Ben.)

There are caveats to the contest, of course. Aside from the usual “you must be at least 18” legalese, you also need to make yourself available for the prize if you win. The NKOTB Party Plane flight takes place Wednesday, July 9, and the “After Dark” tickets are for opening night on Thursday, July 10.

And just who would be willing to set aside at least half a week to go on the NKOTB Party Plane? If you need to ask, you probably need not apply. Look no further than our guide to the five types of fans you find on the band’s annual NKOTB Cruise to understand how rabid the band’s fans are. Honestly, what’s next, the NKOTB Space Shuttle?


The NKOTB Party Plane sweepstakes closes Sunday, June 29. To enter and read full details, visit and