Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Want Your Submissions for the Revival of Project Greenlight

The ultimate search to find the next greatest filmmaker will return to the small screen, brought to you by Batman and Jason Bourne.

HBO’s Project Greenlight is back, and everybody is very thrilled, especially Matt and Ben. The Boston bros announced via this self-deprecating Internet video that they want submissions from aspiring filmmakers to potentially get in on the competition to find the next biggest director. Of course, the catch is that the competition is overseen by Batman and Jason Bourne.

Project Greenlight originally premiered on HBO from 2001 which, quite frankly, was way before its time.

The first two seasons of Project Greenlight didn’t necessarily launch any Hollywood-altering careers. The premise of the show begins with a digital competition that follows the winner from preproduction, to filming, through post-production. The first season’s winner was Pete Jones’s Stolen Summer, which premiered at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival. The Battle of Shaker Heights by Erica Beeney won in its second season and ended up starring Shia LaBeouf and Amy Smart.

But as Deadspin points out, this was a time before YouTube, Twitter, and reality competition shows like American Idol. It was also a time before Matt Damon had Jason Bourne and Ben Affleck had Argo. Perhaps today’s world will give Project Greenlight productions more of a boost.

And Matt and Ben need ideas, they say in the promo.

“Literally, we haven’t had any new ideas in the intervening 13 years,” Affleck jokes.

“Not a fresh idea,” confirms Damon.

Right, right.


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