Six Things to Know About Beyonce and Jay Z’s ‘On The Run’ Tour

The Carters are coming to Gillette Tuesday night, so 'bow down, bitches.'

jay z beyonce on the run

Screenshot via ‘Run’ on YouTube

American royalty is gracing us tonight, friends. Gillette Stadium is hosting Jay Z and Beyonce’s collaborative “On the Run” tour, and they will mostly likely (probably definitely) host the best of many concerts in Boston this summer. For those of us going, it’s good to know a thing or two about what’s happening before us basic people find ourselves in the presence of perfection. And for those of you not going: sorry, but not really.

Just remember: “Ride clean, and fix your hair in their crowns.”

1. The “On the Run” setlist is 43 songs long. Expect everything (literally everything) from Jay’s “Big Pimpin'” and “Tom Ford” to Yonce’s “Love on Top” and “XO,” as well as couple collabs like “Drunk in Love” and “Part II (On the Run).” And no opening act, because #classy.

2. “On the Run” is Jay Z’s seventh co-headlining tour. Last year’s Legends of the Summer Tour with Justin Timberlake took on Fenway Park for two consecutive nights in August. Prior to that, Jay headlined with Kanye West (Watch the Throne Tour, 2011), Eminem (The Home & Home Tour, 2010), Ciara (Jay-Z and Ciara Live Tour, 2009), Mary J. Blige (Heart of the City Tour, 2008), and R. Kelly (The Best of Both Worlds Tour, 2004).

3. Jay Z shows a whole bunch of celebrity mugshots during “Izzo.” Including shots of P. Diddy, Justin Bieber, Woody Harrelson, Russell Brand, 50 Cent, and so many more. And we all know that music is only fun when Bieber is the butt of the joke.

jay z beyonce on the run

Screenshot via Youtube

4. “On the Run” could be the second best-selling tour of all time. Ticketmaster says Jay Z and Beyonce’s tour is on pace to crack $100 million in gross sales (so far, it has grossed $86 million and counting), according to Forbes. With only 20 shows this tour, they’d be reeling in $5 million in sales per show. The No. 1 best-selling tour of all time? U2’s 360 Tour, grossing $736 million in sales. The catch: U2’s tour extended for nearly two years from 2009 to 2011, covering 110 shows—almost six times as many shows as “On the Run.”

5. Atelier Versace, Alexander Wang, and Nicola Formichetti for Diesel were some designers for Bey’s many fab costumes. Among her many glamorous looks are a skintight denim outfit by Diesel that’s detailed with Swarovski crystals, a colorful long-sleeved bodysuit by Versace, and a red-fringed sequined full bodysuit by Vrettos Vrettakos. And the most talked-about costume so far: the assless leotard, a contraption that NY Mag refers to as a “butt cage.” Below is the Versace fishnet leotard for the “Bonnie & Clyde” number.

6. Of the three artists playing at Gillette Stadium this summer, Jay and B’s tickets are the most expensive—by a lot. Based on Ticketmaster, the priciest ticket at face value for an “On the Run” seat in Foxboro is $375.30 excluding fees. Tickets for the other Gillette Stadium front runners, One Direction (August 7,8, and 9) and Luke Bryan (August 10), are pricey, but not nearly as much. One Direction‘s tour is asking for $120 tops at face value, while Luke Bryan tickets went for $105.30 at face. In terms of scalped tickets for “On the Run,” people are asking for up to $11,000 for floor seats at Gillette. This deal is clearly only for people interested in taking out a second mortgage in exchange for concert tickets.

Brace yourself, New England. It’s time.

beyonce jay z on the run

‘Bow down, bitches.’