Gone Girl Posters Show Eerie Evidence Bags Ahead of New Trailer

The enticing clues are both creepy and satisfying for people who have read the book.

Update, 12 p.m.: Watch the new trailer for Gone Girl, with more quotes from Amy’s diary, more creepy Ben Affleck, and introducing, creepy Neil Patrick Harris.


Twentieth Century Fox has released some new promotional posters for the upcoming film adaptation of Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn’s bestselling 2012 novel about a woman who goes missing and her husband, the prime suspect.

The four posters follow in the footsteps of the haunting first teaser trailer for Gone Girl, which was released in April, and the film’s websites, FindAmazingAmy.com and GoneGirlMovie.com, which has an interactive crime scene feature.

Each of the newly released images show evidence bags from the investigation into the whereabouts of Amy Dunne (“Amazing Amy” is a character her author parents created based on her), played by Rosamund Pike, that hint at violence, foul play, and deception in her marriage to Nick Dunne, played by Ben Affleck. They read “Happy Anniversary” across the top, since Amy goes missing on the couple’s wedding anniversary, and tease the next trailer for Gone Girl (above). Gone Girl, which also stars Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry and is directed by David Fincher, is slated to open on October 3.

We won’t spoil anything here, but needless to say audiences who have read the book will be able to read more into these clues than folks who have not. As expected, none of the clues actually reveal the truth behind the mystery. A photo of the Dunnes toasting with friends at their wedding tells us nothing. A diary entry that reads “This man may kill me”—how creative. Oh, and of course one evidence bag contains red panties.

And don’t worry, when it comes to how the story plays out in the end, we’re all in the same boat, as Flynn is reported to have written a revised ending to Gone Girl for the film version.

Check out—and analyze—the eerie clues below. We’ll update with the new trailer when it becomes available.

gone girl movie poster 1

gone girl movie poster 2

gone girl movie poster 3

gone girl movie poster 4