Free Outdoor Roller Disco Party Coming to City Hall Plaza

The summer of Donna Summer continues!


Dig up those knee-highs. A free roller disco party is coming to City Hall Plaza in honor of Donna Summer. / Skating illustration via Shutterstock

Are you ready for the ultimate funky Flashback Friday?

In honor of the late legendary diva Donna Summer of Dorchester and Roxbury, also known as the Queen of Disco, the city of Boston is obliging Summer devotees—who have been particularly active this year—by hosting a free roller disco party tribute to the singer out on City Hall Plaza.

Dance Spot Boston will transform City Hall Plaza by creating a custom dance floor for the Donna Summer tribute; Dorchester’s Kon and the Gang will play disco and funk music, including mixes of Donna Summer songs of course; and Boston drag queens Frieda Fries and Nicholle Pride will model some of Donna Summer’s iconic looks.

Why celebrate Donna Summer this summer? Well, other than “Why the heck not?”, a growing group of supporters have been pushing for a permanent memorial for Summer, who died in May 2012. Hey, if Poe gets a statue, why can’t the Queen of Disco? You really can’t talk about ’70s pop culture without mentioning the five-time Grammy winner, who gave us “Hot Stuff,” “I Feel Love,” and much, much more.

In Donna Summer’s honor, you can dance like it’s the “Last Dance” at this open disco party later this month.

Rent skates on-site (free), or bring your own. And yes, this is absolutely the perfect time to break out those knee-high rainbow socks. You know the pair.


The “Donna Summer Memorial Roller Disco Tribute Party” takes place Friday, July 18, 6-10 p.m. at City Hall Plaza. More info on Facebook.