Watch Gisele Bundchen Not Hand Out the FIFA World Cup Trophy

Instead, she just posed next to it like a model or something.

gisele bundchen world cup

Screenshot via Youtube

Germany certainly had a good day on Sunday, defeating Argentina 1-0 in overtime at the FIFA World Cup finals. Aside from Argentina’s dramatics over their extremely tough loss, one of the important issues at hand was the role of model/Tom Brady’s better half, Gisele Bundchen. The Brazilian model was rumored to present the World Cup trophy to the winning team, and just last week she posted a photo on her Instagram posing with the trophy and its lavish Louis Vuitton case. As a Louis Vuitton brand ambassador, Bundchen was completely wrapped in Louis Vuitton attire, from her abstract turquoise dress to her ankle strap heels.

She did show up alongside Tom Brady, all smiles and legs and beautiful and flawless.

But then Gisele appears on TV at the start of the game, and we realize we had it all wrong. She participated in unveiling of the trophy alongside Spanish soccer superstar Carles Puyol. And by participating, I mean she actually just posed for photos next to it. Apparently a tradition still stands where only winners of the cup and heads of state are allowed to touch the trophy.

FIFA also claims that the trophy is worth a lot of money:

Below, watch this video of Gisele unveiling the World Cup trophy at the closing ceremony right before kickoff.