A Red Sox Fan Reacts to the New Derek Jeter Commercial


A self-proclaimed “townie” blog run by an avid Red Sox fan has one reaction to the latest Derek Jeter commercial that everyone has been talking about: the middle finger.

In a video posted this week in response to the now-viral Nike commercial, called “Respect,” where a Hollywood-packed cast and Red Sox fans tip their hats to the soon-to-be-retired Yankees slugger, the folks at TownieNews.com inserted their own version of how they think some Boston residents would really respond to the player while up at bat.

There are no words. Just the flick of the middle finger, as the fictional character “Paul Fitzy Fitzgerald” wears Red Sox garb and  sips a beer, making his feelings known. “I imagine this is every Red Sox fan’s reaction to Derek Jeter’s retirement and his new commercial,” the creators of the video wrote on their blog.

The video ends with the words “Much respect. But enough is enough,” highlighting their ill-will about how overrated the Nike clip has become in just the few short days since it launched. The original video—before TownieNews, a satirical sports website that plays up the Boston stereotype, added their version—was released a day ahead of Jeter’s last All-Star game appearance.

Jeter, who is retiring after 20 years as a player in the Major League, is somewhat respected around Boston as a whole, but some have argued his “tribute” video, which includes cameos from Jay Z, Billy Crystal, and snapshots of Red Sox fans showing appreciation to the shortstop, is over the top.  “As a Sox fan, I like Jeter. He has a lot of class. But I do agree these people are over the top with a damn commercial for the guy,” one person wrote in response to the video.

Another chimed in and said, “hate Jeter for being a Yankee all you want—Lord knows I do—but if we had 100 players like him that stayed out of trouble for the most part, the league would be a better place.”

Some agreed, some did not. “Subtle but awesome,” a fan of the middle finger flipping said.