The Newest Wahlburgers Season 2 Promos Will Make You Laugh Out Loud [Updated]

Paul gets football lessons from Rob Gronkowski, Mark plays dental assistant, Alma is a ham, and it's all freakin' hilarious.

Update, August 7: In this sneak peek of the season premiere of Wahlburgers season 2, Alma proves that she is an absolute peach by hanging up on Mark when he calls, and also calling Paul’s assistant a “pain in the ass.”

Donnie and NKOTB band member Danny Wood are also trying to recruit somebody for their fantasy football league.” We want someone that doesn’t know anything about football,” Wood says. Donnie agrees that someone without knowledge of the sport will give them a better chance to win.

“We need a ‘mush,'” Wood says, and then they agree on Paul. “Mush,” according to Matt LeBlanc and Conan O’Brien, is a generic Boston term similar to “dude” and “buddy.” But in this case, maybe it also means pushover? OK, we’ll take it.


The new season of Wahlburgers premieres next month, and it looks like the Wahlberg clan is totally hamming it up this time around.

In this new first look at the upcoming season—a full two minutes of absolute chaos—lots of characters people from last season make appearances again, including Johnny Drama, Nacho, and Paul’s assistant Kari whose real purpose on the show is quite vague indeed. In store this season, Mark plays assistant to the dentist when repairing Johnny Drama’s unfortunate dentures, Alma somehow gets herself roped into a local parade (and doesn’t hate it), Donnie goes on tour with New Kids on the Block, and Paul lets Rob Gronkowski show him a thing or two about Fantasy Football.

Next to Mark, Johnny Drama is killing it with his antics and one-liners. Highlights include Drama’s audition for some sort of Chinese commercial, and he makes a grand generalization that definitely isn’t biased at all: “Mark is full of stories, that’s why he’s the greatest actor there is.”

The clan also makes a trip to London—what, you don’t casually do that?—and you’ll never guess who goes along for the ride—it’s Donnie’s fiance and TV personality Jenny McCarthy! Great, we’re all glad she’s there, especially with her faux British accent.

Happy watching!