Donnie Wahlberg Teaches Rachael Ray How to Make Wahlburgers

There's a chart involved, supplied by Paul.

donnie wahlberg rachael ray wahlburgers our burger recipe


The Wahlburgers season 2 promo train continues. Donnie Wahlberg appeared on the Rachael Ray Show Friday to co-host an episode completely dedicated to burgers and to teach audiences how to make “Our Burger” from Wahlburgers.

Since Donnie himself isn’t a chef, he did what he and brother Mark Wahlberg have always done, which is credit their older brother, Chef Paul, as the “most talented one in the family.” Paul, who runs both the Wahlburgers in Hingham and the family’s neighboring restaurant, Alma Nove, supplied Donnie with the recipe that was demo-ed on Rachael Ray. There was even an illustrated printout involved:

our burger wahlburgers recipe chart

According to Donnie, whenever he’s at Wahlburgers and Paul asks him to make burgers, he doesn’t know what to do, so Paul made him the handy chart to remind him, for example, that the toppings go on the bottom.

A little patronizing, but Paul is the boss when it comes to food in the family, and for those of you who don’t watch the show, Donnie is the character constantly shocking his chef brother with his lack of food knowledge. Let us never forget this exchange regarding Uncle Archie’s meatballs:

Donnie: “There’s too much rosemary!”
Paul: “There’s no rosemary in there.”
Donnie: “Then there’s not enough rosemary!”

Included in “Our Burger,” per the chart, are one slice of government cheese, a recurring ingredient mentioned in the show Wahlburgers—alluding to the Wahlberg family’s humble upbringing—and Wahl Sauce, the super-secret family recipe.

Donnie says Wahl Sauce is “challenging MacDonald’s secret sauce for the greatest sauce on earth.”

Then Rachael Ray shows him how to properly use a spoon.


Watch the full demo on Season 2 of Wahlburgers premieres Wednesday, August 13, at 10 p.m. on A&E.

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