According to Forbes, Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg Are Wicked Rich

Here's an infographic of ridiculous things they could buy with all that cash. (Selfish, amirite?)

Nobody was shocked to hear that Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg are two of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, as reported by Forbes this week. Considering Wahlberg starred in five movies released in the past year, and Affleck is Batman (what, you didn’t know?), it’s hardly breaking news. The only guy that’s missing is Matt Damon, but that’s fine because he’s probably galavanting around with Clooney or trying to save the planet.

According to Forbes, Ben Affleck is worth $35 million and Mark Wahlberg $32 million—a hefty $67 million between the two actors. That’s a lot of cash for the dude who starred in Gigli and the other dude who blossomed from the Funky Bunch.

Since these guys are nearly rolling in money and have no clue what to spend it on, here are some ideas for what they can put their collective $67 million toward. And they’re all practical* investments (see: Transformers action figures).

*not practical

things ben affleck and mark wahlberg can buy

Infographic made by Bryanna Cappadona at / Affleck, Wahlberg, Damon Photos via Shutterstock