Justin Bieber Might Be Calvin Klein’s Next Marky Mark

He wishes.

Rumor has it, Justin Bieber’s latest antics involve an endorsement deal with Calvin Klein. It’s shocking that the latest Bieber news isn’t another PR nightmare, but what’s not shocking is just how many Instagram photos he takes of himself…and how similar Bieber looks to Mark Wahlberg circa his ’90s Calvin Klein underwear campaign.


The smoldering, the shirtlessness, the butt-bearing jeans (and more here, here, and here)—it’s all there, and it looks like Bieber took modeling tips from the legendary 1992 Wahlberg black-and-white campaign.


According to the Daily Mail, a source at Calvin Klein says, “Justin has shot for Calvin Klein, we hope the results will be released later this year.”

Bieber and ’90s Mark Wahlberg definitely have some teenage parallels, including some run-ins with the law, but mainly douchebag-ery. Considering how Wahlberg publicly told Bieber to “pull up your pants” and “stop smoking weed,” Wahlberg probably knows it, too. Maybe CK is looking to revisit that type of young bad-ass figure as its new face.

Accompanied with this photo is a video Bieber shot of himself dancing in his CK briefs with some of his bro friends. Obviously this clip is not a real campaign piece, but maybe this is a taste of what we’re in for. Would you want this guy be your next Calvin Klein underwear model?

We are enablers, America.