BostonSOS Gave Blue Line Passengers a First Class T Experience

The group hosted a "First Class Subway and Black Tie Beach" event on Sunday. Dressed to the nines in formal attire, they feather-dusted a Blue Line train and offered passengers snacks. Then, they soaked up the sun and built sand castles at Revere Beach.

first class subway and black tie beach

Photo by Olga Khvan

Things got classy on the MBTA on Sunday, as members of BostonSOS, a community group that organizes flash mobs and other unusual events around the city, threw their annual “First Class Subway and Black Tie Beach” event, giving passengers on the Blue Line a first class transportation experience and hosting a formal social gathering at Revere Beach.

Dressed to the nines in suits, tuxedos, and formal dresses, participants gathered at the Cardinal Cushing Park in Beacon Hill at noon, where organizer James Cobalt went over the gameplan and gave out props: feather dusters, rags, white gloves, trays, and snacks. The group then boarded a Blue Line train at Bowdoin Station, and proceeded to play classical music from a boombox, tidy up the car, and tend to passengers, serving them chips and individually wrapped mints. Salem Ghoweri, who took on the announcer’s role, gently hit a small metallophone and spoke over the MBTA recordings in a British accent.

“Change here for airplanes, limousines, and horses with buggies,” he announced as the train approached Airport Station.

The group got a lot of chuckles, requests for photos, and double-takes from people passing by in trains on opposite tracks or on station platforms. One passenger wondered aloud whether he should tell his friends or keep the memory for himself. Despite many passengers’ inquiries, the BostonSOS members remained in character throughout the ride.

“Stick to your stories—it’s more entertaining that way,” Cobalt told them. If people were really curious, they could do a Google search, he said.

The shenanigans didn’t stop once the group disembarked the train at Wonderland Station. They proceeded to soak in the sun, jump into the water, sip on sparkling cider, and build sand castles at Revere Beach, all remaining in their formal attire.

Check out photos from “First Class Subway and Black Tie Beach” below.