‘Wahlburgers’ Loses Out on an Emmy to ‘The Deadliest Catch’

What's a poor 'unstructured reality program' to do against such high-stakes competition?

What can a poor reality show do to defeat a behemoth like “The Deadliest Catch” in the Creative Arts Emmy’s? Seriously, the Wahlbergs would like to know.

The 66th annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards went down this weekend. The ceremony is a sideshow to next week’s Primetime Emmys TV broadcast. It’s used to hand out non-telegenic award categories like “best commercial,” “best host for a reality or reality-competition program,” and “best short-format, live-action entertainment program.” (President Obama, of all people, defeated Weymouth native Rob Corddry in the latter category for his appearance on “Between Two Ferns.”)

“Wahlburgers” one of approximately 3,136 reality shows set in the Boston area, was up for an award in the “unstructured reality program” category. For the uninitiated, the A&E show follows the brothers Wahlberg and the eponymous burger restaurant run by Paul Wahlberg. Think “Entourage,” but instead of Hollywood, it’s set in glamorous Hingham, and rather than act in movies and go to Hugh Heffner’s parties, they make pasta sauce with Jenny McCarthy.

Alas, the ode to the Wahlberg clan shipwrecked on the immovable shoal that is Discovery Channel’s popular “The Deadliest Catch.” That show follows the crews of several fishing vessels off the coast of Alaska. As the show’s title rather bluntly implies, it’s a dangerous job with high stakes and the constant threat of death. Wahlburgers, meanwhile, is none of those things. So maybe it’s time for a rebrand. Think “The Deadliest Wahlburger.” The show could profile the cast of a burger restaurant but with the constant specter of devastating injury always in the background. Wahlburgers is next to the Hingham Ferry, so maybe Donnie could take a ride through Boston Harbor during a Nor’easter. These are just suggestions. We’re just spitballing here. And, of course, we kid. You’ll never get far trying to chase the competition. You do you, Wahlburgers. Better luck next year.