Nick & Knight, the Nick Carter–Jordan Knight Collaboration, Is Happening

Watch the video for their first single, "One More Time."

In case you missed it, Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and Jordan Knight of NKOTB are collaborating, and it’s absolutely something you should get into and/or LOL at. Here, the duo, dubbed Nick & Knight, premiered their new music video for their first single “One More Time.”

It’s catchy, dancey, creepy, and pretty much everything you’d expect from a pair of refurbished boy banders with faux-hawks. Turns out, the dancing also holds less of an impact when there are two dudes instead of nine (NKOTBSB #never4get).


— Bryanna Cappadona

Previously, from July 17:

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block have a new album coming out September 2. A two-month tour is scheduled for fall.

It’s called Nick & Knight, and I think the reaction they’re looking for to the title is either A) “Oh that’s so cute!” or B) “Ha! HA! HA!” Probably A, but I’m sticking with the latter.

Anyway, so this is happening. Think of it as a spinoff of the NKOTBSB era when the two boy bands joined forces to rid the world of evil with their impeccably synchronized dance moves and cross-generational appeal.

Thus far the duo has more merchandise than music, but that’s slowly changing as Nick and Knight just released their new single “One More Time” this week. If you like standard boy band pop songs, “One More Time” is… fine? Frankly, the album promo tune “Just the Two of Us” is better. Let’s just call Nick & Knight what it is: a quick in-the-interim project to be buried in Wikipedia and never spoken of again when it’s all over.

Sometimes quantity does matter. In this case, history is stacked against Nick and Knight.

NKOTBSB had nine members: five from NKOTB and four from BSB. Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys wasn’t active in that project.

The Package Tour had 12 boy banders: five from NKOTB, four from 98 Degrees, and three from Boyz II Men.

Nick & Knight, a paltry two.

Welp, whaddayagonnado? And it’s not like they don’t know it. The Nick & Knight show October 8 in Boston will be at the Emerson Colonial Theatre. Though the two certainly have their fair share of fans, compare the Nick & Knight Tour to the The Package Tour, which had two shows at TD Garden, and there you have it. The venues say it all.

— Yiqing Shao


Nick & Knight will be released September 2,