Jimmy Fallon Makes a Joke about Boston Stereotypes

Boston was the butt of the joke in Fallon's Tonight Show monologue Wednesday.

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon mentioned Boston a few times in his monologue Wednesday night, and it looks like we were the butt of his joke. He says:

“A man in Massachusetts was arrested this week for breaking into a family’s house after a night of drinking and passing out in their living room. Or as a most people in Boston call that, ‘Uncle Mike’s here!'”

He then mimed a scene where Uncle Mike comes home and says, “Watch where ya walkin’, ya friggin’ pissah.”

Haha! OK, Fallon, we’ll give that one to you.

He also mentioned that Matthew McConaughey was at a Red Sox game wearing a fanny pack. The scenario in itself is funny enough to stand without a punchline, but even so, Fallon added that his look was “All wrong, all wrong, all wrong.”

Oh, Fallon. You’re lucky we like you over here.