Watch Nick & Knight Perform on Good Morning America

Turns out, the dancing has less of an impact when there are two dudes instead of nine.

Dancing kings Jordan Knight and Nick Carter, of the newly dubbed duo Nick & Knight, took to the Good Morning America stage on Tuesday to sing their new single “One More Time.” Last month, the two premiered the music video for their single, and—just like this performance—it’s catchy, dancey, creepy, and pretty much everything you’d expect from a pair of refurbished boy banders with faux-hawks.

“We performed a lot on stage together, and we seemed to have a chemistry,” Knight told Robin Roberts on the show. “We both love doing music. At first, we just thought about doing a tour. He’d do solo music, and I’d do solo music. We kept talking about it and we said, ‘It might be a treat for the fans and a twist to do a whole album together.’”

Nick Carter then says this album is—quote—“fresh.”

“You can dance to it. We think the fans are gonna love it,” he says.

If you’re a fan, you can see these dudes perform in the flesh when they take the Nick & Knight Tour to the Emerson Colonial Theatre on October 8. Tickets are on sale at