Shiva Ayyadurai and Fran Drescher Got Married

Yes, the MIT guy who claims to have invented e-mail married The Nanny.

And now for your daily dose of random information: Shiva Ayyadurai, the famous MIT lecturer who claims to have invented e-mail, married The Nanny actress Fran Drescher.

According to People, Drescher, 56, and Ayyadurai, 50, met when he gave a talk at an event hosted by Indian-American author Deepak Chopra about a year ago, and have been dating ever since. The couple married at their home on the beach with a small group of friends and family present.

Although controversial in some circles, Ayyadurai is a tech genius, to say the least. As Boston’s senior editor Janelle Nanos reported back in 2012, Ayyadurai is the brains behind seven businesses, including EchoMail, a $200 million company that maintains customers like Nike and the U.S. Senate. His greatest achievement, however, came in 1978, at just age 14, when he invented e-mail system when toying around on his computer.

According to Ayyadurai’s personal website (, “EMAIL” replicated the features the inter-organizational paper mail system. But there is still some recent debate as to who really invented e-mail.

Little did he know he’d contribute to changing the course of human communication forever. And also that he’d marry the person with the most abrasive speaking voice in show business. Maybe they e-mail a lot?