Group Draws Chalk Art of Giant Baby Head Sculptures at MFA

The artists left more than a dozen renditions of Antonio López García's baby sculptures right on the ground outside the Fenway entrance.

And you thought great art only happened inside the MFA.

Christine Stine, who runs the MFA’s social media and posted the Vine above, found a surprising sight at the Fenway entrance of the museum on Monday. A group of artists decided to exercise their chalk-sketching skills on the spot, en plein air.

They left more than a dozen chalk renditions of the two giant baby head sculptures outside the MFA entrance. Each one is signed, and pretty darn good!

mfa chalk drawings baby heads

“I just found those outside the Fenway entrance!” Stine said via email. “I suspect that an area art class stopped by to leave the drawings. Each chalk drawing is signed.”

This isn’t the first time Antonio López García’s sculptures, titled “Night” and “Day,” have inspired the public to take liberties with the babies.

Earlier this year, some creative types decided the bald babies might get cold in the wintry weather, so they “yarn bombed” one of them with a lovely striped knit cap.

Who would have thought two giant—some might even say “creepy”—baby heads would provoke such fabulous creativity?