You’ll Have to Wait for This Year’s TV Shows Set in Boston

September marks the month of new TV shows. But those set in Boston are scheduled for later in the season.

“The McCarthys” will premiere on CBS October 30.

Mid-September marks the time when TV networks trot out their newest offerings. But Boston viewers accustomed to (or chagrined by) our abundant representation in the media are going to have to wait until at least next month to see what Hollywood has in offer this year.

Though there are a few shows set in Boston slated for this season, they are, sadly, scheduled to premiere later in the fall. Which means that your evaluations of Hollywood’s bad Boston accents will have to wait. CBS’s The McCarthys, focused on a sports-crazed Southie family, is scheduled for October 30. Low-lights include the fact that it’s another show about a clannish family in South Boston with all the tropes you’d expect. Highlights include “New Kids on the Block’s” Joey McIntyre playing a member of the family. Meanwhile, “Buzzy’s,” a TBS sitcom about the staff of a Charlestown barber shop, was pushed to 2015. (Ashley Tisdale’s comeback will have to wait.) In the world of reality TV, where Boston is usually very well represented, Bravo’s Top Chef will spend this next season in Boston, highlighting our food and chefs. That’ll be out October 15.

Maybe September’s dearth of new Boston shows disappoints you. Then again, if Julianne Moore on “30 Rock” still keeps you awake at night, it might actually delight you. Maybe you even think Boston is getting a bit tired as a setting for TV shows. Lucky for you, in the meantime, there will be plenty of new shows to watch set in more innovative, unique locations. There’s “Manhattan Love Story” about a couple that meets in New York City. There’s the “Mysteries of Laura” starring Debra Messing as a cop in, um, New York City. There’s “Mulaney” about a comedian living in New York City…

OK, so if NYC is feeling a bit stale, you could check out returning shows “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago PD,” or hell, if you wait one more season, they’ll probably create “Chicago Post Office.” All of this is there for your geographically varied viewing pleasure.