Watch Julian Edelman’s ‘DDTyme’ Episode for Dunkin’ Donuts

No. 11 hung out with fans and did some dares.

Update, September 25: Here’s what happened when Patriots player Julian Edelman hung out at the Greenway for a few hours for Dunkin’ Donuts’ ‘DDTyme.’ Things we learned include the following:

• Julian Edelman does not watch Doctor Who.
• Julian Edelman can do three whole pushups!
• Julian Edelman’s preferred nickname is Squirrel, so let’s make that happen.


Julian Edelman to Hand Out Free Coffee on the Greenway

No. 11 will hang out with Dunkin’ Donuts for “DDTyme.”


Dare: Wear this Gronk shirt all season long.

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman has proven in the past that he’s up for challenges. He started an Inception-style T-shirt war with Rob Gronkowski, and he was an early adopter of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

On Tuesday from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Greenway, at State Street and Atlantic Avenue, Edelman will join Dunkin’ Donuts for “DDTyme,” taking your questions, passing out free coffee, making girls swoon, and so on.

Should be a good time. But we’re especially intrigued by the part on their website where Dunkin’ is telling people to tweet in some dares for Edelman. Is #11 really up for anything? Guess we’ll find out.

Some dare ideas to get your started:

• Head over to the New England Aquarium and blow a kiss at the most flirtatious penguin you can find.
• Push through the line at Mike’s Pastry and buy everyone cannolis.
• Quack at a passing Duck Boat loud and proud.

To send in your own dare for Edelman, tweet it at @DunkinBoston with the hashtag: #DDTyme.