Watch Bryan Cranston’s One-Man Show About the MLB Postseason on TBS

Pedro Martinez guest stars and #Horganing happens in this hilarious ode to baseball.

To pay homage to the MLB American League postseason on TBS, Bryan Cranston appears in a short video in which the award-winning actor of Breaking Bad fame takes on baseball in a hilarious one-man show.

“Why not dramatize the entire MLB postseason?” he says.

Of course, while Cranston references many major league teams in the video, the Red Sox get a few extra nods. Not only is the set for his one-man show a Fenway Park backdrop, but he even re-creates David Ortiz’s grand slam from last year’s World Series. We know it was that particular grand slam because #Horganing happens (at 1:09).

Cranston trained long and hard for this role of a lifetime. He drew inspiration from Bugs Bunny and trained with ballerina Misty Copeland. That’s right. Heisenberg appears in a leotard.

Then (at 3:30), Cranston and Copeland are joined by Pedro Martinez, who says, “This is a joke,” and “We’re wasting our time,” but still demonstrates for Cranston how to properly hoist a World Series trophy.

OK, so Cranston might want to rethink pitching baseballs at the audience. But not surprisingly, even when the lauded actor of stage and screen is doing a bit, we still kind of wish this one-man show were a real thing.