Ben Affleck Admits He’s Good at Blackjack

He confirms in a Details interview that, yes, the folks at Hard Rock asked him not to play anymore after he was winning too much.

Confirmed: Ben Affleck is one wicked smaht kehd.

In an interview with Details magazine, the Gone Girl actor finally addresses a story about him that came out in May, when the reports said that Affleck was asked to leave the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas for being “too good at the game,” i.e. counting cards.

In Details, Affleck admits:

That is a true story. I mean, that took place. I took some time to learn the game and became a decent blackjack player. And once I became decent, the casinos asked me not to play blackjack. I mean, the fact that being good at the game is against the rules at the casinos should tell you something about casinos. [Details]

In short, Affleck points out a classic argument about counting cards, which is that although the practice is not illegal, the house no like-y.

Meanwhile, director David Fincher told Playboy that he cast Affleck in the role of Nick Dunne in Gone Girl because of Affleck’s super-creepy smile. Vulture conducted a simple Google search to confirm it.