Watch Mark Wahlberg Not Give Bob Kraft a High Five at the Patriots Game on Sunday

Like quarterback, like owner.

This is just sad.

After the Patriots scored a touchdown on Sunday, owner Bob Kraft turned to his special guest Mark Wahlberg for a high five—but was denied. It took a nice hard pat on the back to get the diehard Boston sports fan’s attention, but by then, the moment had passed and the GIF factory had already been alerted.

Guess that’s what happens when you put an A-lister in the “baby seat.”

For Pats fans, of course, this immediately brought back memories of all the times quarterback Tom Brady couldn’t get a high five either. While Marky Mark’s was not an intentional snub, it’s hard to say that about Tom Brady’s teammates when the QB is pacing around with his hand outstretched.

tom brady high five

A less amusing takeaway from the game on Sunday? Julian Edelman taking this hit:


Edelman later admitted in the locker room, “I gotta play a little smarter.”

The Patriots defeated the Oakland Raiders with a final score of 9–16.