Watch Ellen Surprise a Regis College Student with ‘Cash at Your Dorm’

Freshman Meggan Thermitus got Ellen-ed.

In you heard a lot of high-pitched screaming in Weston recently, it’s possible they were shrieks of joy, specifically coming from the dorm room of Meggan Thermitus, a freshman at Regis College.

That’s because Thermitus received a very special visit on Monday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen sent one of her staff, Jeannie Klisiewicz, and Rocsi Diaz of Entertainment Tonight to surprise Thermitus at her dorm room while Ellen called the student from L.A. to challenge her in a game of “Cash at Your Dorm.”

After Thermitus and two friends unleashed a series of piercing squeals, the student was asked a series of questions to win cash.

In true Ellen style, the questions were relatively easy, including, “You’re studying physical therapy. Who famously sang the song, ‘Let’s Get Physical?'” and “Since you’re from Massachusetts, say something in a Boston accent.”

In total, she won $6,000, a 50-inch TV, a $1,500 Target gift card, and $1,000 Ticketmaster gift card.

Thermitus, who studies pre-med and psychology and works two jobs, is a Randolph native and attended South Shore Charter School.

She joins an ever-growing list of people who have been surprised by Ellen, which includes people in line at L.A.’s first Dunkin’ Donuts, Boston Marathon survivors, Wellesley firefighters, and hopeful World Series ticket winners.