Jimmy Fallon Jokes About the Old State House Time Capsule on the Tonight Show

Oh, Fallon.


Jimmy Fallon is back at it with his good ol’ Boston jokes. He had a good one last night in his Tonight Show monologue about the time capsule found in the head of the lion from the Old State House:

This week, historians up there discovered a 113-year-old time capsule hidden inside a lion statue on top of the Old State House. Aaaand Nicolas Cage is already calling his agent. ‘The treasure’s in the lion! We gotta get to the treasure! Get to the lion head!’

He also makes a joke about how both the Red Sox and the Yankees have missed the postseason for the first time in 20 years…yet the fans still like to make fun of us. “We suck hahdah!” he jokes about Boston fans.

Last month, Boston was the butt of the joke in one of Fallon’s Tonight Show monologues in which he made fun of Boston stereotypes, and also made fun of the fanny pack Matthew McConaughey wore to a Red Sox game.