Jon Stewart Ruins All of Ben Affleck’s Movies in One Daily Show Interview

'You know, I did a movie about Iran…'

Ben Affleck’s Gone Girl press tour continues. After MTV aired their interview in which Affleck confirmed his nude scene in the movie, his interviews with Brian Williams on NBC’s Nightly News and with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show aired later on Tuesday. There was no mention of Affleck’s penis in these two, because BriWi and JStew are #classy, ya see. (That, and these things are all pre-taped.)

Not only that, but the interviews also show that Affleck, Williams, and Stewart know their audiences.

On Nightly News, Affleck talked extensively with Williams about sports (Tom Brady’s genius comes up), his career (he hates being defined by one-liners), and family. Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner feel strongly that celebrities’ children should be off-limits for media—his kids are not shown in the Nightly News piece, their photos instead covered with adorable bunnies. Affleck’s Eastern Congo Initiative gets a mention as well, and he also comments on filming the new Batman v. Superman movie in Detroit and what a pity it is that such a historically important city has turned to ruin.

On the Daily Show, on the other hand, things get a little more raucous.

Jon Stewart comments on Affleck’s buffness since beefing up for his role as Batman, and Affleck calls out Stewart for his forthcoming movie Rosewater, which, like Affleck’s Oscar-winning film Argo, is set in Iran.

You know, I did a movie about Iran…

Awkwarrrd. (Also, called it!)

Stewart proceeds to shout out spoilers for Gone Girl and Batman v. Superman, which of course are all incorrect and/or misguided and baseless, so don’t worry about that as you watch their full interview here: