Ben Affleck Gets Naked in Gone Girl

And so does Neil Patrick Harris. What kind of movie are we really about to see here?


Ben Affleck appears to be dead inside. / Image via Gone Girl

Good ol’ Ben Affleck is making the rounds this week to promote Gone Girl, which opens on Friday. For one round of press, he chatted with MTV and revealed that’s his role as Nick Dunne is actually much more revealing than anticipated.

He told MTV that Gone Girl will include a full frontal Ben Affleck with some “very brief nudity.”

MTV’s Josh Horowitz asked if it will be the debut of Ben Affleck’s penis, a question to which Affleck responded, “I try to get it in every movie.”

The actor continues, “It’s ironic, because [director] David [Fincher] said to me from the beginning, this is a warts and all movie. It can have no vanity. You have to see the naked underbelly of this character. It’s gotta be like in Europe, they don’t give a shit about any of that stuff. They play real people.”

The best, however, is when Affleck reiterates, “There’s some brief, very brief nudity, I think.” He thinks? Why is he not sure? If there is one thing moviegoers know about nude scenes, Mr. Affleck, it’s that there is no in-between. You either got naked or you didn’t. Don’t let us down, Batman.

To make matters better—or worse—Neil Patrick Harris also revealed on Letterman that he too gets naked in Gone Girl. “It’s not the first time you’ll see my bare ass in a movie,” he says.

Watch the clip from Affleck’s MTV interview here:

And here’s NPH on Letterman revealing that he also “bears ass” in GG: