Dario Medrano and Tyler Abron Talk MTV’s Are You the One?

The two Massachusetts natives look for love—or something—in season two of the dating reality show.

Are You the One MTV Dario Medrano Tyler Abron

Dario Medrano and Tyler Abron. / Photos provided by MTV

MTV’s reality show Are You the One? kicked off season two last week with a fresh crop of hopeful young romantics looking for love—or something like that.

The show’s premise: 11 women and 10 men live together in a house, with the sole purpose of discovering their soul mates. If every cast member finds their mate by the end of the season, they all win $1 million to share. (The addition of one extra female cast member this season calls for a threesome, because it’s MTV, after all.)

Among the 21 contestants this season are locals Dario Medrano and Tyler Abron. Medrano hails from Salem and attends the University of Rhode Island, while Abron was born and raised in the South End and attends Boston College. Here, Medrano and Abron talk finding their perfect match, dating dealbreakers, celebrity crushes, and what they think of their competition.


Medrano: “If you’re uninteresting and if you can’t hold a convo, see ya later. If you have bad breath, you can be beautiful and it [will still be] a turn-off. Hygiene too.”

Abron: “Lying, cheating, being short… You need to have your life together. I’ve already been in love. I need someone who can elevate me. I don’t like overly emotional people. I don’t like overly jealous people.”

The Competition

Medrano: “Everyone that comes in, we all think we’re the one. We are all alpha males when it comes to the other guys in the house. It’s a lot of sizing up, comparing, trying to figure out where I stood and why I was even there. Everyone brings in a little piece of the pie.”

Abron: “When I saw the girls, I was like, ‘Cool, whatever.’ We were on an even playing field.”

Dating Preferences

Both contestants admit to being picky when looking for love. Medrano prefers confident women with “big butts,” while Abron wants a man 6’3″ or taller. Oh, and no “pretty boys” for Abron either—she likes her men scruffy.

Celebrity Crushes

Abron: “The Rock, Drake, and Leonardo Dicaprio.”

Medrano: “Kim Kardashian…circa 2004, to be exact.”


Are You the One? airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.