A New Ad for Ugg, Brought to You by Tom Brady and His Mom

Looks like our quarterback likes pancakes.


In a definitive list of Tom Brady’s achievements, the first probably has something to do with football. The second is his participation in all those insufferable ads for Ugg.

Many Boston residents have by now seen Brady’s brooding billboards hanging over the Pike, but now the Patriots QB graces our small screen with a whole batch of narrated commercials for the brand—and his parents are in them, too.

Released this week, the commercial above (titled “Pre-Game”) is from an ad series for the brand’s larger campaign called “This Is Ugg.” In this ad, Brady acts chummy with his mom and makes pancakes in his kitchen while his kids run around the house. It’s all very homey and great.

According to Ugg’s initial press release, “This Is Ugg” is supposed to explore “the theme that life’s biggest moments are actually the small ones—a place where the brand lives in consumers’ lives.” Brady’s ads are part of the Ugg for Men Fall 2014 shoe line.

The campaign initially launched this series of commercials in early September. One of the firsts was a commercial titled “Time Out” featuring Brady’s dad, Tom Brady Sr., that looks at their weekly golf outings together. Ugg also released a behind-the-scenes 90-second video of the father-son commercial—its creative title is “Golf.”

Brady has a long history with Ugg, one that is fulfilling and embarrassing at the same time. This ad series shows the ordinary parts of Brady’s life, which offer a vastly different take from last year’s football-centric commercials. Sorry, but not even Tom Brady could sell us the idea that Ugg is “for game changers!”

But in real life while making pancakes? Sure, why not. Just don’t forget a few spritzes of Chanel No. 5.