Watch ‘Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, Three’

The cutest little viral sensation you ever did see is back.

Quite possibly even cuter than your dog, but definitely more adorable than your baby, is Marcel the Shell, a character created by husband-and-wife team Dean Fleischer-Camp and Jenny Slate (you know Slate as the SNL alum from Milton who recently starred in Obvious Child).

The duo introduced the world to tiny Marcel four years ago on YouTube in a video titled “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On,” in which we meet a curious and super-cute little creature voiced by Slate. Marcel the Shell became viral sensation. To date, the first video has more than 23 million views on YouTube.

His fragility, candor, optimism, and shy personality led to a second video and a book, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On: Things About Me. He’s the absolute antithesis of Bill Hader’s character Stefon on Saturday Night Life, with whom Marcel has nothing in common with expect for having a little bit of sass and being portrayed by an SNL alum.

Now, four years after the first video, Marcel is back. In “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, Three” (above), Marcel reveals the truth about shrimp:

They’re the idiots of the sea!

and his favorite theme:

Life’s a party, rock your body.

as well as his very powerful sneezes, because you see, Marcel the Shell has very terrible allergies.

The third installment comes just in time to promote Marcel’s new book, Marcel the Shell: The Most Surprised I’ve Ever Been, out Tuesday.


Below, watch the first and second Marcel the Shell videos: