Amy Poehler Voices Sunshine in ‘The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas’

She represents the 80 percent in Funny or Die's video about inequality.

funny or die alpacas

As we also learn in her forthcoming book, Yes Please, Amy Poehler reps the everywoman. She does not like snooty high-brow folks telling her she’s too loud for first class, and she also does not like nepotism, as exemplified in a new video on Funny or Die.

Poehler voices “Sunshine” in the cartoon by We the Economy titled “The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas!”, which addresses the problem of inequality in the United States.

In the video, Sunshine, Giggles (Maya Rudolph), and Happy (Sarah Silverman) are My Little Pony-esque alpacas who’ve just graduated from Sweetness School. When they go to start new jobs at the Lollipop Inc. factory, they discover that the real world is hardly as fabulous or fair as they thought.

When they arrive, they meet the factory manager, Doug (Andy Richter), and Lollipop (Billy Eichner). Doug tells each alpaca what their new job will be:

• Happy, whose father’s portrait hangs in the halls of Lollipop Inc., becomes a junior VP of synergy who earns a high six-figure salary.

• Giggles, who went to engineering school and studied lollipop manufacturing, finds out she’ll be sent to manage factories overseas.

• Sunshine, who went to PS 152 with metal detectors and 30-year-old books, is given the worst gig—no gig at all.

When she finds out her dreams aren’t going to come true, Sunshine’s voice drops as she rattles off disappointing stats on income inequality. Lollipop comes to a realization: “Hey, I just noticed something. You three perfectly represent the crucial economic trends of the last 40 years!” He presents a quick history lesson, and well, sorry Sunshine, but you represent the bottom 80 percent of earners in America who’ve seen little to no increase in wages at all.

Something tells us Leslie Knope would not stand for this.

Watch the full video below: