This Is What the 2014 Northeastern Undie Run Looked Like

Kind of scary, actually.

Every year, students participate in the Northeastern Underwear Run.

Every year, they shock passersby as they breeze past in their skivvies on the streets and through the Prudential Center.

Every year, some even dare to wade through the reflecting pool next to the First Church of Christ, Scientist.

And every year, they do it on parents’ weekend, to show their financiers just what good use their tuition is put toward.

Below are some of the better photos and video shared on social media from the 2014 undie run. The hashtags say it all: #Northeastern, #NakedRun, #ThisIsCollege, #BostonStrong, and oh yeah, #FuckBU.

Stay classy, Northeastern.


Here the students are gathered in the Pru. Now who wants Cheesecake Factory?


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The undie run took place before Pru Boo on Sunday, an event where little kids also run around the Prudential Center—fully dressed for trick-or-treating.

Everyone want to #run naked #pru #boston

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Well, that’s one way to take over Mass. Ave.


Here they are running in the streets. Terrifying.

#Northeastern's best tradition? Annual underwear run during parent's day weekend #BostonStrong

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And finally, some brave souls jumped into the water of the reflecting pool. Brr.