Ben Affleck Wants You to Save the Bats

Even if Batfleck himself doesn't go anywhere near the creatures in this video.

Ben Affleck wants you to save the bats, according to a new video posted by Warner Bros.

As we continue to wait for the highly anticipated Batman vs. Superman movie, director Zack Snyder and company took a break from filming to spread some knowledge about the inspiration for Bruce Wayne’s alter ego. Snyder, Amy Adams (who plays Lois Lane), and other team members went to the “Bat Zone” in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., to see the creatures in person, learn about the threats to their survival, and create some bat houses.

Affleck lends his celebrity status to the video, dropping facts about the species and even making a very dry, very Ben Affleck–style joke: is the place to go to learn more about this and hopefully to contribute some effort toward preserving this important, valiant, knight of a species for now and years to come.

Ha! “Knight.” Get it? Bravo… But really, this is certainly a nice way for the cast and crew of Batman vs. Superman to use their high profile for good.

But don’t think we didn’t notice that the one guy who actually plays the Batman—a character defined by overcoming his fear of the animal—doesn’t actually interact with any bats in the video. Affleck was likely just off-site promoting Gone Girl or something, but it’s still a funny coincidence.

And hey, couldn’t help but notice that Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, also didn’t make it to the Bat Zone.

Sigh. Must Amy Adams do everything?