Young Boston Sports Fans Get Pranked in Jimmy Kimmel’s Annual Halloween Candy Challenge

Surprisingly, they are not the ones to drop an F-bomb.

“Don’t even talk to me for the rest of my life!”

These are other dramatic statements are shouted by kids to their parents each year in what has become a deviously funny annual tradition started by talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel.

For several years now, every year Kimmel has issued parents a Halloween trick-or-treating challenge. After their kids have trotted around their neighborhoods—tirelessly hunting and gathering for Snickers bars, Milky Ways, M&Ms, and the like—parents hide the candy while the kids aren’t around and then tell their kids they ate all of it. The reactions range from hilarious and embarrassing to cute and endearing.

Parents upload their videos to YouTube, and the best are aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

This year’s batch includes high-pitched squealers, violent offenders, dirty mouths, and—thank goodness they exist—a few angelic children who are quick to forgive.

We wish we could say that the two kids decked out in Boston sports gear (watch at 2:05, above) were the forgiving type, but that wasn’t the case. The boy on the left, wearing a Red Sox T-shirt, spends most of the video crying, while the boy on the right, wearing a Patriots sweatshirt and Bruins T-shirt, seems far more devastated. He goes on the offensive, telling his mother, “Wow, you’re mean!” and “Shut up and go in the other room or I’ll throw your phone!”

He even chucks a pack of Twizzlers at her.

And now it’s still on the Internet. Forever.

Here’s the original submission, which states that laughs and apologies were exchanged afterward: