Mark Wahlberg’s Interview with Bill Simmons on the B.S. Report Is Awesome

The two locals talk Boston sports, Tom Brady's immortality, the Entourage movie, Ted 2, accents, and so much more.

If there is any interview out there that fulfills our need to hear a big-time Boston celebrity’s opinions on everything that’s important to this town, this is the one that’ll do it. Recently Mark Wahlberg sat down with Grantland editor Bill Simmons on the B.S. Report, and the two diehard Boston sports fans talked about everything from Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s dynasty, to bad Boston accents, to Larry Bird comparisons, and more.

Considering Simmons is still a Bostonian in every sense, his back-and-forth with Wahlberg is straight-up hilarious. He told Wahlberg, “Somehow my kids became Kings fans, which I’m trying to reconcile emotionally,” to which Wahlberg responded with a tale about his daughter telling Kobe Bryant she is not a Celtics fan because she grew up in California. Puh-lease.

Another great moment is when Simmons asks, “When did you feel like the Marky Mark thing was just not mentioned anymore? Like, that was it, and you didn’t have to keep proving you were an actor now?” While Wahlberg gave some response about Boogie Nights, the real answer here is that Marky Mark will never die. Those Calvin Kleins will live on forever in our hearts.

Here’s a rundown of other topics covered in the interview:

[0:10] Tom Brady’s immortality; Boston as a titletown; bandwagon fans.
[1:55] Ted 2 filming in Boston; Tom Brady has a cameo in Ted 2!
[2:55] The Entourage movie is due out next year; Patriots players will have cameos in the movie.
[12:55] Filming The Departed; Jack Nicholson’s terrible Boston accent; everyone’s terrible Boston accent, expect for Matt Damon.
[13:30] The real way to portray a Boston accent.
[17:30] Turning the “Six Million Dollar Man” into a “Six Billion Dollar Man.”
[19:50] Wahlberg’s new movie The Gambler.
[21:40] Why people who grow up in Boston want to leave; odds of a movie with brother Donnie?
[22:15] Following sports when he’s on the other side of the country; Wahlberg’s minivan has DIRECTV.
[22:45] Kicking everyone out of his house when the Patriots lost the Superbowl.
[25:00] Ranking and rating Brady, Pedro, Larry Bird, and other Boston sports legends.
[27:00] Wahlberg’s kids want to live in Boston, but have never experienced a true Boston winter.