Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell Are Making Another Movie

It's a 'paternal-rivalry' comedy called Daddy's Home.

Die-hard fans of The Other Guys, get ready for more from one of the funniest duos ever. Entertainment Weekly reports that Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are teaming up again for a new flick, a “paternal-rivalry” comedy called Daddy’s Home. According to EW:

Daddy’s Home will center on a tug-of-war style conflict between Ferrell and Wahlberg’s respective characters. Ferrell will play a mild-mannered radio executive who is ready and eager to take on the role of stepdad to his wife’s two kids, but clashes with their freeloader of a real father, played by Wahlberg.

The comedy will be directed by Sean Anders, the director of Horrible Bosses 2, due out this month. Entourage writer Brian Burns penned the script, which shocks absolutely no one, as Wahlberg is an executive producer on the show/upcoming movie. Filming begins later this year.

Before TedThe Other Guys—which follows two mismatched NYC detectives—was Wahlberg’s first try as a lead in a comedy. In an interview with Bill Simmons from earlier this week, Wahlberg said, “I’ve wanted to do comedy for a long time, but I waited for the right opportunity…And then Will Ferrell and Adam McKay came and wrote this great part for me in The Other Guys, and that worked out good.”

“Worked out good,” to say the least. The Other Guys, which hit theaters in 2010, was a killer in the box office, grossing just over $170 million worldwide. Not to mention it’s hilarious. #NeverForget the tuna and lion.