This Website Has Been Making Weird Matt Damon Art for Almost Two Years

The illustrations are named things like 'Matts Like Jager,' 'Polterdamon,' and 'Batt Damon,' so get on their level.


While some people collect ordinary things like shot glasses and CVS coupons, folks at The Damper spent the past couple of years gathering (and making) super obscure art pieces of Matt Damon. Right, and you thought your cousin’s Pez collection was weird. is an indie pop-culture website run by a group of main writers: Dom Sinacola, Kaylen Hann, and Mark Abraham. As described on their about page, they write for people “interested in obsessive dwellings-upon about under-appreciated actors like Brad Dourif, ponies, 24, unreleased Groupon groupons, Matt Damon, and the Kardashians.” So basically they have something for everyone (even waffle enthusiasts).

Sinacola and Abraham met working together previously while Sinacola was also running his own personal blog called Dear Matt Damon. Sinacola, a seemingly ironic Matt Damon enthusiast, shared his art on his blog, and then, upon the launch of The Damper, moved his material to the new site. Since then, a number of Sinacola’s “artistically inclined friends” have contributed to the collection of Matt Damon art. The Damper has been on somewhat of a hiatus for most of 2014 as the group pursued other work ventures, but the art and hilarity lives on.

So why Matt Damon art? Yes, we wondered the same thing. And the answer is likely the same reason they put together a compilation of “Broetry“, “K-caps” (philosophical analysises of Kardashian life lessons), and Illegal Groupons: because it’s staight-up funny.

“[That’s] the general impulse for most of what we’ve done at the Damper,” Abraham told us.

Yes, indeed.

More of The Damper’s Matt Damon art can be found here.