Trill Tonight App Makes It Easier to Find Events Around Boston

The new app tells you what shows are happening tonight.


Image via Trill

Unless you’re a superfan, most of your entertainment searches are likely last minute, on the fly, “I’m bored, what now?”

Fear not. A new app called Trill Tonight—which launched Wednesday for iPhone—seeks to alleviate those woes. The free app from Trill, an events listing website that launched out of beta this fall, allows users to easily search for live events taking place “today or tonight” in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville.

The app comes with map views of where shows will take place, and maintains a minimal and easy-to-use interface. The design is clean, and the filtering is intuitive. You can sort by neighborhood, limit your search to free events or late-night events, and see what Trill’s curators recommend.

The app encourages people to get out on the town and see shows they might not otherwise have known about, at venues they might not have been to before. The goal is to fill the void at dinner when you and your friends wonder, “What should we do tonight?”

Who knows, maybe someday Trill Tonight can help you nab tickets to last-minute pop-up shows with Louis CK.

The today/tonight model for Trill is a simplified mobile arm of their desktop site, which lists live events happening around town for the next several weeks.

Along with the launch of the new app, Trill is also hosting the #TrillChallenge. Come Saturday, use Trill Tonight to attend as many shows as possible. As they say, pics or it didn’t happen—Trill will look for the hashtags #TrillChallenge and #TheShowStartsHere to select a winner. The prize is “tickets to your next adventure in the new year.”