Google Reveals What Massachusetts Searched Most in 2014

So you want to learn to juggle, eh?

The ultimate year in review, Google’s, is finally here. Each year, the search engine mines our queries and sums them up in one nostalgic video—formerly called a Zeitgeist, but now simply the “Year in Search,” because #WTFisaZeitgeist, #amirite?

In addition to the video, Google has also revealed breakdowns of searches by states in 2014. In many ways, people in Massachusetts searched similarly to the rest of the world. For example, we searched a lot about Robin Williams and the World Cup. We were concerned about Malaysia Airlines and had a crush on Jennifer Lawrence.

But the most interesting top 10 lists for Massachusetts’ Google searches are the “What is…” and “How to…” searches.

In addition to Ebola and ALS, we also wanted to know, “What is accounting?” and “What is socialism?” We searched “What is alimony?” a lot, but even more so, we asked Google, “What is mononucleosis?”

Now, “What is Tinder?” didn’t make the top 10, but “How to Tinder” did. However, what people in Massachusetts wanted to learn most was “How to juggle.”

Below, check out more of our top searches from this year:

Top 10 Trending Searches in Massachusetts in 2014

1. Robin Williams
2. World Cup
3. Ebola
4. Joan Rivers
5. Phillip Seymour Hoffman
6. Boston Marathon
7. Malaysia Airlines
8. Ray Rice
9. Jennifer Lawrence
10. ALS

Top 10 How to… Questions for Massachusetts in 2014

1. How to juggle
2. How to focus
3. How to shave
4. How to tinder
5. How to sing
6. How to draw
7. How to save
8. How to detox
9. How to declutter
10. How to annotate

Top 10 What is… Questions for Massachusetts in 2014

1. What is Ebola?
2. What is ALS?
3. What is accounting?
4. What is socialism?
5. What is imagery?
6. What is maltose?
7. What is mononucleosis?
8. What is stress?
9. What is alimony?
10. What is diabetes?

Top 10 News and Events for Massachusetts in 2014

1. World Cup
2. Ebola
3. Boston Marathon
4. Malaysia Airlines
5. ALS
6. Ferguson
7. Olympics
8. Easter 2014
9. Super Bowl 2014
10. ISIS