Chicago Bulls Mascot Rescues Celtics Fan’s Date in Viral Kiss Cam Video

No one cares if it was real or fake.

Saved by the bull! In a viral video from Saturday’s Celtics vs. Bulls game, Chicago’s mascot Benny the Bull saves a damsel in distress from an embarrassing Kiss Cam fail.

In the video, a couple is captured on the Kiss Cam. The man is decked out in Celtics gear and busy talking on his phone, while his female companion looks pissed. They appear to get in a fight, and then it’s Benny to the rescue. The big red bull stomps down the aisle, gives the man a couple slaps on the back of the head, and then picks up the woman and runs off with her. “Chivalry isn’t totally dead,” notes People.

Plenty of viewers were quick to point out just how fake the whole thing looks, but most don’t seem to care whether it was real or staged.

Congratulations, “Cheating” girl, perhaps your 15 minutes of agony are over.