Mayor to Declare January 15 Guster Day in Boston

First Godsmack, now this.

guster sw

Photo by RevelWriter on Flickr

It’s a good time to be an upstanding Boston band.

To celebrate Greenovate Boston’s 2014 Climate Action Plan launch, Mayor Marty Walsh is set to declare January 15 Guster Day in Boston, according to a press release.

The Boston-based alt-rock group met at Tufts in the early ’90s, and they’re being honored for “the band’s Boston roots, and their commitment to the environment and public service.”

This designation of Guster Day follows the mayor’s 2014 declaration of August 6 as official Godsmack Day.

“We’ve been working hand-in-hand with the community to create the Greenovate Boston Climate Action Plan,” said Walsh in the release. “With this plan, Boston will lay out ambitious climate goals to make this city a healthier, more livable and sustainable city.”

Even if establishing Guster Day seems unnecessary (Is Godsmack Day necessary? Is Keytar Bear Day?), giving a hat-tip to Guster is appropriate. The band is very environmentally conscious: they use alternative fuel for tour buses and trucks, and guitarist Adam Gardner and his wife started Reverb, a nonprofit dedicated to educating musicians and fans about green practices.

The timing also doesn’t hurt. Guster’s seventh studio album, Evermotion, comes out January 13.

The band will perform at a special zero-waste launch event for the Climate Action Plan at Artists for Humanity’s EpiCenter—when else?—January 15. Walsh will speak at the event about the plan and welcome incoming Chief of Environment, Energy, and Open Space, Austin Blackmon. The event is free, but registration is required.

Also prior to the event, Guster will busk at various yet-to-be disclosed locations around town, so, fans of the band, keep your ears open.