We Are Sorry to Report that Justin Bieber Is Calvin Klein’s Next Mark Wahlberg

Again: We are sorry.

Photos via Calvin Klein

Photos via Calvin Klein

A new year brings a new decisive stretch of Justin Bieber antics. The singer-gone-flexing-torso-exposer revealed on Twitter on Tuesday that he’ll be modeling for Calvin Klein, and—surprise!—he’s flexing his torso.

The black-and-white photographs, which also feature model Lara Stone, are exactly reminiscent of Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss’s famous campaign from the ’80s. The attempted Marky Mark revival is obviously a trend that’s sticking, a la crotch-grabbing Nick Jonas, whose copycat photos are the Pippa to Bieber’s Kate. While Mark Wahlberg never said anything about Jonas, Bieber confirmed that Wahlberg apparently approves of his campaign.

While nobody knows if this statement is driven from reality or delusion, we do know that Bieber’s potential relationship with Calvin Klein has been long time coming. In a variety of selfies on Instagram, Bieber basically appointed himself as the internet’s biggest Calvin Klein advocate.

“I have been wearing Calvin Klein underwear for years in hopes of getting to model for the brand one day,” Bieber told WWD. “It’s always been a dream.”

But because Bieber might actually love the spotlight more than he’ll ever love his CK, he’s also featured in a series of videos that will accompany the campaign photos. In the one below, also shared by Calvin Klein on Twitter, shows an angsty Bieber getting gropey with Stone, which will be weird for moms to watch. Another 15-second video features a solo Bieber pretending to resemble a greek statue while also making typical-Bieber faces:

bieber gif

Thanks, Justin Bieber. We’re glad your torso is getting the spotlight you think it deserves.