David Ortiz Guest Stars on Wahlburgers Season 3 Premiere

Plus: Ben Affleck will be awarded Favorite Humanitarian at the PCAs, Top Chef goes to college, and more Boston-centric TV tonight.

david ortiz big papi wahlburgers

Paul Wahlberg, David Ortiz, and Kari Burke. / Photo by Scott Gries via A&E

If there was ever a good time to dust off your DVRs, it’s now. Wednesday evening boasts many Boston-related TV shows, from the series premiere of Donnie Loves Jenny to an NKOTB-themed episode of The Goldbergs.

Here’s a guide to what’s on tonight, in no particular order:

Wahlburgers, “Wedding Bliss & Big Papi Hits”
10 p.m. on A&E

Yep, you read that right. Red Sox star David Ortiz will guest star on the season 3 premiere of Wahlburgers. Like Gronk before him, Papi will be making burgers with Chef Paul. The preview below also shows former (sigh) Celtics star Rajon Rondo.

Donnie Loves Jenny, “The Wedding”
10:30 p.m. on A&E

Not since Ice Loves Coco have we winced so much at a celebrity couple, but hey, if they’re good enough to put on TV on New Year’s Eve, they’re good enough for A&E. The hour-long series premiere will smother you with love, because that’s how they roll.

2015 People’s Choice Awards
9 p.m. on CBS

Affleck! Damon! Poehler! Wahlberg! They’re all nominees in the awards show where winners will call the honor “the coolest award you can ever win! Because it’s voted by you! The people! The fans!”…that is, until the Golden Globes on Sunday. Also at the PCAs tonight, Ben Affleck will receive the third annual award for Favorite Humanitarian.

Now, instead of a lame-o promo, let’s watch one of tonight’s hosts, Allison Janney, demonstrate her Disco Stewardess dance on Conan:

The Goldbergs, “DannyDonnieJoeJonJordan”
8:30 p.m. on ABC

For those unfamiliar, this show follows a family in those glory days, the ’80s. In this episode, the boys are obsessed with New Kids on the Block. “Donnie’s got that rough neck appeal that ladies love,” Barry says. “Does he ever,” Adam swoons. Jenny McCarthy agrees.

Top Chef, “For Julia & Jacques”
10 p.m. on Bravo

Before the holiday break, Top Chef Boston left us with an awkward taste—the Rob Gronkowski sausage-making challenge was full of gross innuendo. Fortunately, they’ll pick up in 2015 on a more appetizing note. The Quickfire is a dorm-room ramen challenge. Hint: the Top Chef crew lived at Emerson College during filming. The Elimination Challenge is an ode to Julia Child. Guests include Jacques Pepin, Alex Prud’homme, Dana Cowin, and “some of the first ladies of Boston’s culinary scene: Barbara Lynch, Mary Dumont, and Joanne Chang.”