Two Filmmakers Team Up to Make the Coolest Timelapse Video of Boston Yet

Sean Collins and Julian Tryba's 'A City Upon a Hill' follows each of their own viral timelapse videos of the city.

time lapse

A new timelapse video of Boston has hit the Internet once more, and this time it’s a collaborated effort by viral video veterans Sean Collins and Julian Tryba.

Collins, of Bodhi Films, was one of the first filmmakers to make a notable timelapse of our fair city with a work titled “This is Boston.” His video immediately went viral as it captured iconic spots around Boston just following the 2013 Boston Marathon. Tryba released a version of his own timelapse video with a twist. His “Boston Layer-Lapse” video uses animation to show the passing of time for various objects at different rates.

This new video here, titled “A City Upon a Hill,” is noticeably a team effort. Watchers can see that there is a combination of Collins’s handy work with focuses and zoom, as well as Tryba’s unique “layer-lapse” technique. They provided this information in the video description:

Boston does not sit atop a hill, rather the expression is in reference to an ideal city. The term originates from the Bible and was later used by the Puritans who settled New England and echoed in speeches from JFK to Ronald Regan.

This video is a collaboration between myself, Sean Collins, and acclaimed filmmaker Julian Tryba. We spent many nights atop buildings with several cameras rolling and waited for time to lapse. Many of the shots were filmed from the two tallest building in New England; the Prudential Building and the Hancock Tower.

Check out the video below: