The Four Sassiest Songs from Meghan Trainor’s New Album, ‘Title’

The Nantucket-bred 'All About That Bass' singer is bossy and owning it.

megan trainor

Megan Trainor photo via Epic Records

When Nantucket-bred singer Meghan Trainor’s catchy tune “All About That Bass” dropped into the Top 40 playing field, she managed to not only surface, in spite of swimming in Taylor Swift’s territory, but managed to gracefully surface…at number one. Considering Trainor’s feel-good-and-love-your-body anthem turned into the most addicting song since “Blurred Lines” plagued the radio, you’d be forgiven for thinking—even for a split second—that she was poised to become a one-off marvel.

But alas, Trainor’s debut full-length album is out today, and you can count on Title for more of that old-fashion doo-wop sound that made “Bass” and her follow-up single “Lips Are Movin'” so popular. Though each and every song is so incredibly catchy, what’s most shocking is Trainor’s ability to be so bossy, egocentric, and sexually candid. It’s a type of self-awareness that is so brutal, it’s almost cool.

Here, are our picks for Trainor at her sassiest.

1. “Title”
This song has the pushiest message, as it straightforwardly demands that some young gentleman becomes Trainor’s beau, or else. “You gotta treat me like a trophy, put me on the shelf,” she insists to some commitment-phobe. Your boyfriend will probably hate this song.

Sassiest lyric: “Baby, don’t call me your friend / If I hear that word again / You might never get a chance to see me naked in your bed.”

2. “Credit”
Trainor would like you to know that your boyfriend is only cool because she made him that way. But don’t worry, Meghan Trainor is chill, and doesn’t want him back, she just wants credit where it’s due.

Sassiest lyric: “She should be thanking me and sending me some flowers / I taught him everything, now he can last for hours.”

3. “Bang Dem Sticks”
In short, “Bang Dem Sticks” is about Trainor having “a thing for drummers,” but we’re pretty sure the whole song is one giant sexual innuendo. She likes her drummers “loud” and she likes them “big,” but also the music here is a pretty cool combination of horns and, well, drums.

Sassiest lyric: “See dem drummer, sicker than the swine flu / Don’t really need medication, he got a tissue.”

4. “3am”
While most of Trainor’s songs portray an overly confident ego, “3am” is afflicted with insecurity, mostly because Trainor succumbs to texting a dreadful ex-boyfriend despite being an #independentwoman. She’s mad at herself for texting you, but she will not beg.

Sassiest lyric: “I know it’s complicated / But you know I’m impatient.”