Matt LeBlanc Remains a Typical Bostonian, Tells British Royals to ‘F*ck Off’

What a guy.

On Tuesday night’s Conan, our favorite Newton guy Matt LeBlanc discussed one his recent visits to London, where he was invited to a polo match and to meet the royals. An exciting moment for anyone who likes arbitrary facets in pop culture, so LeBlanc was not thrilled when all Prince Harry and Prince William asked was, “When’s the Friends reunion?”

“What’d you tell ’em?” Conan asked.

“I told ’em to fuck off,” LeBlanc said, almost too quickly. Clearly a joke, everybody laughed, but we know he was really thinking it.

Another highlight was when Conan and LeBlanc briefly discussed the cities each hail from outside of Boston—Conan from Brookline, and Matt, again, from Newton.

“Those are some tough towns, folks,” Conan said. The audience laughed. “I like that they believe that,” he added.

“Two of the toughest Jewish neighborhoods,” LeBlanc joked.

“Only 95 percent of people there go on to medical school,” Conan added. Bah-dum-ching.

In another portion of the interview, they go on to talk about LeBlanc moving from the East Coast to a ranch out in California, which is supposedly pretty unheard of. They talk about what LeBlanc does “as a Boston guy” out on that ranch, which of course includes motocross, hiking, camping, and utilizing his bulldozer by “knocking shit down.”

Ah, Matt LeBlanc, what a guy.